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No credit card sex dates sex speed chatNadia Octomom Suleman posted a video of her children filling up a pediatricians waiting roomThe video showed 11 of her 14 children waiting for their turn with the doctorThe kids either smiled or tried to avoid the camera as they sat in a neat rowSuleman made headlines in 2009 after using IVF and becoming pregnant with eight babies while she was unemployed and already a mother of six

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Laura Marano nude photo EXCLUSIVE Two bedrooms for 14 kids and living paycheck to paycheck but Octomom tells how she is FINALLY at peace with her octuplets after giving up stripping and searching for a manNadya Suleman who now goes by Natalie says she wants to share her story with other women after admitting her controversial pregnancy led her to the brink of suicideSpeaking to DailyMail.com the mom of 14 revealed Every day I would wake up with the ugliest dead visceral feeling inside of meSulemans notoriety landed her roles in porn films which she has now come to deeply regret. Although she admits residuals from the film help pay the billsShe became infamous in 2009 after undergoing IVF treatment and became pregnant with octuplets even though she already had six and was unemployedNow Suleman admits she was very foolish immature and selfish to have 14 children but cant imagine my life at this point in time any different than it isThe 42yearold reveals how she decid

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